Complete Classroom Library K-2

Complete Classroom Library K-2

ISBN: 9781635846096

Author(s): Various
Illustrator(s): Various
Category: Classroom Libraries
Fiction/Nonfiction: Fiction/Nonfiction

Grade Level: K-2
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Fill your classroom library or book room with high-interest fiction and nonfiction that your students will love!

1 each of 275 titles

Fiction Nonfiction
Colors in the City LB Hats LB
Looking for Halloween LB What's Inside? LB
Mrs. Cook's Hats LB Is This My House? A
The Clown LB Shapes A
Alex Plays Soccer A What Has Wheels? A
Carla's Big Splash A Astronaut B
I See Sammy A At the Zoo B
Scaredy Cat A Chicken Soup B
Firefighter Fred's Bad Day B Flowers B
I'm Hungry B Mother and Me B
Me B Snow B
My Friend B The Marching Band B
Sammy B Apples C
Spaceship B Cats C
Sunburn B Going to Grandpa's House C
Trouble! B How to Make Snack Mix C
What's For Dinner? B Leaves C
I Have A Watch! C My Kite C
I See Monkeys C Our Trip to the Aquarium C
It's Football Time C Skateboarding C
My Day C Trucks C
Sammy at the Farm C We Like to Graph C
Sammy Gets a Bath C We Need Trees C
Sammy Loves to Run C What Am I? C
Scary Monster C Boots and Shoes D
Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! C Boys and Girls D
There Goes Peanut Butter! C Fiesta D
We Like Puddles C The Bird Feeder D
What Will Alex Do? C Colors of Horses E
A Field Day with Alex D Nickels and Pennies E
At the Park D Sharing Homes E
Camping D The Quarter Story E
Family Soccer D Animal Feet F
Fishing D I Love to Write! F
Fun D Seasons F
Grocery Shopping D Careers G
In My Garden D How to Make a Card G
Just Like Dad D In the Hen House G
Just Like Mom D Bunnies H
Late One Night D Busy Trucks H
Little Rabbit Is Sad D Calves H
Mr Smith's Hats D Foals H
My Brother Wants to Be Like Me D Giraffes H
Sammy's Special Day D Isn't It Strange? H
Sammy's Walk D Kittens H
Snowflakes D Piglets H
Swat It! D Puppies H
Time for a Bath! D Robert Makes a Graph H
To the Beach D Alligators I
Tree House D Dragonflies I
What's Missing? D Tigers I
Alf Saves the Day E Caribou J
Another Sneeze, Louise! E Cheetahs J
Baseball Fun E Cobras J
Best Friends E Elephants J
Can a Hippo Hop? E Iguanas J
Dressed Up Sammy E Komodo Dragons J
Guess What Kind of Ball E Orangutans J
How Do We Get Home? E Penguins J
I'll Be a Pirate E Salamanders J
Let's Play Basketball E Seals J
Lightning Bugs E Tarantulas J
Little Mouse E Toucans J
Molly's New Shoes E Camels K
My Doll E Dr. Seuss K
My Tiger Cat E How Much Does This Hold? K
Night Walk E Neil Armstrong K
Silly Animals E Wright Brothers K
Snake Hunts for Lunch E Charles Schulz L
Stuck in the Muck E Henry Ford L
The Bumble Bee E Maurice Sendak L
The Package E Muhammad Ali L
Traffic Jam E Thomas Edison L
When Sammy Was a Puppy E Alligator M
Bandages F Crocodile or Alligator? M
Lunch F Frog or Toad? M
My Native American School F George Washington Carver M
New Gym Shoes F Jane Goodall M
Our Garage F Mantis Shrimp M
People Do Silly Things F Monkey or Ape? M
Sammy Gets a Ride F Moon M
Sammy's Moving F Moth or Butterfly? M
Thanksgiving F Octopus M
The Balloon Ride F Roberto Clemente M
The Fisherman and the Fish F Salamander or Lizard? M
The King's New Crown F Whale or Fish? M
The Mouse with No Name F
The School Trip F
The Seagull and the Fish F
When It Rains F
Where is Matt's Cap? F
Where is Muffin? F
William's Wet Week F
A House for Hedgehog G
A Surprise for Mom G
Carla's Breakfast G
Carla's Picture Day G
Carla's Ribbons G
Fun at the Amusement Park G
Grandma's Glasses G
Haircuts G
Hayfa's Hats G
Hockey Practice G
Jungle Tiger Cat G
Learning to Fly G
Little Dragon G
Lizzie the Little Lizard G
Moose's Loose Tooth G
My Magic Bike G
No Problem G
Shopping at the Mall G
The Garden G
The Tortoise and the Hare G
The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse G
Waiting for a Frog G
A Day at the Races H
A Rainy Day for Sammy H
Eight Little Legs H
Gifts for Dad H
Jake's Lemonade Stand H
Mr. Potter's Hedge H
Peacock Gets a Job H
Planning Dinner H
Princess Pearl's Party H
Sammy's Slippery Day H
Sleepy Polar Bear H
The Boy Who Cried Wolf H
The Drummers H
The Fishing Contest H
The Fox and the Grapes H
The Lion and the Mouse H
There's a Bear in My Chair H
Waking Up H
Wrinkly Socks Make Me Giggle H
A Letter for Margery Moose I
A Skateboard for Alex I
Alex Plays Baseball I
Carla's New Glasses I
Dr. Neal's Squeaky Wheels I
Jake's Toad House I
Just One More, Mom I
Nick Goes Fishing I
No Peas, Please! I
Sammy's Hamburger Caper I
The Big Fish I
The Friendly Crocodile I
A Catch for Uncle JT J
Ashley's Elephant J
Big Changes for Tiny Tadpole J
Brewster Rooster J
Carla's Talent Show J
Firefighter Fred's Busy Day J
Harriet Higby J
Jake's Bird Feeder J
Mr. Potter's Plums J
Mrs. Begg's Beautiful Egg J
Mrs. Rush Around J
The Ants and the Grasshopper J
The Oldville Flyer J
William's Weird Wednesday J
Adventures of Sophie Bean: The Pond Hockey Challenge K
Adventures of Sophie Bean: The Red Flyer Roller Coaster K
Another Beautiful Day in Kenya K
Bumpy the Frog K
Crow Said No K
Ethel the Emu K
Farmer Mcfuddy's Garden K
How Bear Lost His Tail K
Jack and the Beanstalk K
Miss Flutter Remembers K
Paula's Pickle Picnic K
Possum's Three Fine Friends K
Sleeping Beauty K
The Big Rain K
The Green Surprise K
The Nighttime Noise K
The One-Tire House K
When I Go to Grandma's House K
Brave Knight Nicholas L
Bridget and Bot L
Zamboni's Bath L
Zamboni's Goal L
Claim to Fame M
Food for a King M
Haunted Sleepover M
Movie Mishaps M
Mystery of the Golden Key M
Out to Lunch M
Presumed Missing M