Science Fiction Grades 2-3

Science Fiction Grades 2-3

ISBN: 9781635847673

Author(s): Various
Illustrator(s): Various
Category: Kaeden Fiction Collections
Fiction/Nonfiction: Fiction

Grade Level: 2-3
F&P Level: J-Q
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1 each of 15 titles

Galaxy's Most Wanted J
Ack's New Pet K
Blast to the Past: Time Blasters K
Field Trip to Mars L
Robot to the Rescue L
Galaxy in Space M
Zeke Meeks vs the Stinkin' Science Fair M
Diver Down M
Spork Out of Orbit N
Lost: A Wild Tale of Survival O
New Girl O
Space Face Off O
 A Jar of Eyeballs P
Jewel of the Galaxy Q
Carma Comes Home Q