Superheroes Grade 1

Superheroes Grade 1

ISBN: 9781635847604

Author(s): Various
Illustrator(s): Various
Category: Kaeden Fiction Collections
Fiction/Nonfiction: Fiction

Grade Level: 1
F&P Level: J-K
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Featuring familiar characters like Batman and Wonder Woman alongside new heroes like Zinc Alloy and Tiger Moth, these titles offer action-packed stories that your students will love.

1 each of 15 titles

Revealed!: Zinc Alloy J
Candy Store Caper J
Superpowered Pony J
Coldfinger: Zinc Alloy J
The Man of Steel: Superman and the Man of Gold K
The Pest Show on Earth K
Sugar Hero K
The Evil Echo K
Fun House of Evil L
Swamp Thing vs. the Zombie Pets L
The Attack of Professor Zoom! L
Guardian of Earth L
Alien Superman! M
Creature of Chaos M
Insect Ninja: Tiger Moth M