Superheroes Grade 2-3

Superheroes Grade 2-3

ISBN: 9781635847611

Author(s): Various
Illustrator(s): Various
Category: Kaeden Fiction Collections
Fiction/Nonfiction: Fiction

Grade Level: 2-3
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Featuring familiar characters like Batman and Wonder Woman alongside new heroes like Zinc Alloy and Tiger Moth, these titles offer action-packed stories that your students will love.

1 each of 15 titles

Joker on the High Seas M
Streaky: The Origin of Supergirl's Cat M
The Kid Who Saved Superman M
Battle of the Super Heroes! M
The Dark Knight: Batman vs. the Penguin N
The Man of Steel: Cyborg Superman N
Red Riding Hood, Superhero N
Green Lantern: An Origin Story O
Harley Quinn's Hat Trick O
The Frozen Zone Freeze Ray O
Wonder Woman: An Origin Story P
Deep Space Hijack P
The Legendary Lasso P
Trial of the Amazons Q
Catwoman's Nine Lives Q