Biography Grade 3

Biography Grade 3

ISBN: 9781611819335

Author(s): Various
Illustrator(s): Various
Category: Biography Collections
Fiction/Nonfiction: Nonfiction

Grade Level: 3
F&P Level: M-Q
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Christopher Columbus and the Voyage of 1492 M
Florence Nightingale M
Benjamin Franklin N
Michael Jackson Graphic Biography N
Who Is J.K. Rowling? N
Who Was Amelia Earhart? N
Who Was Daniel Boone? N
Who Was Steve Jobs? N
George Ferris, What a Wheel! O
Microwave Man O
Mother Teresa O
Sonia Sotomayor O
What's Your Story, Cesar Chavez? O
Who Is Jane Goodall? O
Paul Revere P
Robert Fulton P
Who Was Mark Twain? P
Who Was Thomas Jefferson? P
Geronimo Q
Who Were the Wright Brothers? Q


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