Biography Grade 5

Biography Grade 5

ISBN: 9781611819359

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Category: Biography Collections
Fiction/Nonfiction: Nonfiction

Grade Level: 5
F&P Level: S-W
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Bambino S
Wilma Rudolph S
Benedict Arnold T
Eleanor Roosevelt T
Elizabeth Cady Stanton T
Patrick Henry T
Suzanne Collins T
Youtube Founders Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, And Jawed Karim T
Abraham Lincoln U
Albert Einstein U
Amazing American Inventors Of The 20Th Century U
Madam Curie U
Pioneering American Computer Geniuses U
Walt Disney U
Benjamin Franklin V
Charles Darwin And Alfred Russel Wallace V
Portraits of African-American Heroes V
Sigmund Freud V
Oprah Winfrey: Media Legend And Inspiration To Millions W
Sally Ride: The First American Woman In Space W


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