Social Studies Grade 3

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Grade Level: 3
F&P Level: M-Q
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Empower and motivate students to become active and responsible citizens with a wide variety of engaging titles. This grade-level collection is aligned to the C3 Framework.

1 each of 20 titles

Saving and Spending M
Why Do We Have Laws? M
I'll Lead the Way! M
What Are the Levels of Government? N
Georgia's Location and Resources N
Benjamin Franklin N
What are Community Rules and Laws? N
Continents: What You Need to Know N
Life as a Homesteader in the American West O
Fantastic Kids: Helping Others O
What Are Goods and Services? O
Mapping Communities O
10 Ways I Can Earn Money O
The Liberty Bell: Introducing Primary Sources P
The U.S. Constitution P
Great Blunders P
Celebrating Black History P
Barack Obama P
An Illustrated Timeline of Transportation Q
The Story of the Star-Spangled Banner Q