Social Studies Grade 4

Social Studies Grade 4

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Category: Social Studies Collections
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Grade Level: 4
F&P Level: P-T
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1 each of 20 titles

Our National Anthem P
Colonial Life P
Malala Yousafzai Q
Famous Native North Americans Q
Respecting the Contributions of Disabled Americans Q
Secrets of Pompeii: Buried City of Ancient Rome Q
Mapping Europe Q
Commercial Aviation R
A Refugee's Journey from Afghanistan R
Scale and Distance in Maps R
Medieval Towns, Trade, and Travel R
Atlas and Globe Skills R
The Journals of Lewis and Clark R
Key People of the Revolutionary War S
Expanding a Nation: Causes and Effects of the Louisiana Purchase S
Unsung Heroes of Science S
12 Questions About the Gettysburg Address S
What Is Supply and Demand? S
Life During the California Gold Rush T
Cyber Bullying T