Ghost Detectors Complete Collection

Ghost Detectors Complete Collection

ISBN: 9781635846201

Author(s): Dotti Enderle
Illustrator(s): Howard McWilliam
Category: Chapter Books
Fiction/Nonfiction: Fiction

Grade Level: 3-4
F&P Level: P-Q
List Price: 155.40

  • $108.75


1 each of 15 titles

It Creeps! Q
I'm Gonna Get You! P
Tell No One! P
I Dare You! P
Draw! P
Don’t Read This! P
Pop! P
Honk! P
Never! Never! Never! P
Curses! P
Beware the Headless Horseman! P
Monsters! P
Yo Ho No! P
Plop! P
Rock & Roll! Q