LEAP Animals Collection

LEAP Animals Collection

ISBN: 9781635840452

Author(s): Various
Illustrator(s): Various
Category: Science
Fiction/Nonfiction: Paired Fiction & Nonfiction

Grade Level: 1
List Price: 125.66

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Help young readers make connections between their lives and the world around them with paired fiction and nonfiction titles that bring core science concepts to life.

1 each of 12 titles

Nonfiction Title GRL Fiction Pairing GRL
A Caterpillar Changes H Caterpillar's New Look H
An Egg Changes G In the Hen House G
A Seed Changes G The Garden G
A Tadpole Changes G Big Changes for Tiny Tadpole J
Awake at Night F Night Walk E
What Lives in the Ocean? F Starfish Finds a Friend F