Social Studies Grade 1

Social Studies Grade 1

ISBN: 9781635847420

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Category: Social Studies Collections
Fiction/Nonfiction: Nonfiction

Grade Level: 1
F&P Level: D-K
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1 each of 20 titles

A Trip to Town D
How Can You Use a Computer? D
What Do These Things Cost? E
Saving and Spending E
Following Rules E
Map the School F
My Community F
How We Clean Up a Park F
Careers G
What Is Democracy? G
Neighborhoods in My World H
I Am a Good Citizen H
Toys and Games Then and Now H
People in My Neighborhood I
Where Is My Country? I
Healthy Foods Around the World J
What Is a Map? J
Schools Past and Present J
We All Come from Different Cultures K
Manners in Public K