TCRWP (Teachers College Reading and Writing Project)

A Comprehensive Literacy Tool for Students and Teachers

Our mission at Kaeden Publishing is to help young readers build strong literacy skills, and our TCRWP collection is a great tool to support literacy development. We are proud to provide this collection of 22 titles, designed for readers in grades K–1, in partnership with Teachers College Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP) of Columbia University.

The TCRWP collection is divided into Beginning-of-Year and End-of-Year collections, each containing 11 titles that feature lovable characters and engaging stories. Each title is supplemented with a Running Record that provides a self-contained assessment for monitoring the student’s literacy skills. The assessment includes an introduction of the book, a list of level-appropriate reading characteristics, a detailed scoring guide, comprehension questions and sample responses, and a place to record assessment notes.

These book sets, along with the Running Records, provide specific, measurable feedback that teachers can use to design meaningful literacy instruction and intervention. The TCRWP collection is available in paperback in several different groupings, as well as in ebook format. If you have any questions as you shop, please contact our team.