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Year of the Hero

Year of the Hero

2020 has been a challenging year. Devastating natural disasters, political and social conflicts, economic hardship, and a deadly global pandemic have wrought havoc on our world. But this dark cloud of 2020 has shown us a few silver linings, too. Perhaps the best thing to emerge from 2020 is the realization that heroes are all around us. Essential workers in every field from medicine to retail have forged ahead, putting themselves at risk to serve their communities. They have adapted and sacrificed to provide the goods and services we need.

Educators, too, have stepped up to the challenges of 2020. When COVID-19 shut down our country, schools were forced to close; in many cases, students and families had only a few days’ notice that their routine was being turned on its head. Teachers jumped into action: assembling take-home packets of learning activities, establishing virtual classrooms, and conducting distance learning with little or no training.

Teachers are still adapting to an entirely new method of instruction. They are providing virtual lessons and digital resources so their students can continue to learn even when they can’t be in the classroom. Like the many other essential workers who have kept our country going in 2020, our teachers are heroes.
At Kaeden Publishing, we have always recognized that teachers are heroes. Since 1991, we have worked to meet the needs of teachers and their students with high-quality leveled readers that support literacy and foster a love of learning in the elementary classroom. As teachers’ needs evolve, our offerings evolve with them. Kaeden Publishing is thrilled to be able to provide our leveled
readers as ebooks, accessible on any device. With Kaeden ebooks, teachers and students can access hundreds of the same leveled readers that they’ve always known and relied on. Our digital content provides engaging, standards-aligned fiction and nonfiction content, as well as teacher support, that is accessible from anywhere in the world on our exclusive digital platform.

Teachers can select individual titles or collections of like content, and all ebooks are available in a variety of quantities to accommodate teachers’ instructional needs. We are also happy to tailor custom access to meet the unique needs of your school or district. In 2020, teachers have demonstrated more clearly than ever that they are heroes. They have shown us that with dedication, passion,
and determination, anything is possible. They have continued to accomplish their mission of educating our children, surmounting whatever obstacles get in their way. Kaeden Publishing will continue to support these heroes. We are continuously adding content to our digital platform, so teachers can look forward to an ever-growing library of offerings to engage readers at all levels.

Visit ebooks.kaeden.com to browse hundreds of digital titles. With a variety of purchase options and instant access on our ebook platform, you can build a digital library that your students will enjoy no matter where they are. Contact sales@kaeden.com for more information and customized access to our digital content.