Kaeden and Reading Recovery


About Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery® intervention began at The Ohio State University in 1984 and for students who complete the full intervention, approximately 75% meet grade-level expectations in reading and writing. Longitudinal studies indicate that most of the participating students who go on to higher grades also do well on standardized tests and maintain their gains in later years.

High Marks from Independent Research
Reading Recovery® intervention received the highest marks from the What Works Clearinghouse, a division of the U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences. It is important to note that of the 153 beginning reading programs and interventions reviewed by the Clearinghouse, ONLY Reading Recovery® intervention was found to have positive effects across all four literacy domains and ONLY Reading Recovery® intervention received the highest possible rating for general reading achievement.

The study was a 3-year independent review of the experimental research on Reading Recovery® intervention in March 2008. The WWC study found that Reading Recovery® intervention achieved the highest rating on students' alphabetic skills and general reading achievement. They found potentially positive effects, the next highest level of evidence, on reading for fluency and on reading for comprehension outcomes.

Highly Effective Reading Intervention
Reading Recovery® intervention is a highly effective short-term reading intervention of one-to-one tutoring for low-achieving first-grade students, students who are not grasping the complex strategies that make successful readers. The evaluation data was compiled on more than 100,000 students per year proving Reading Recovery® intervention can work in a variety of schools.


Kaeden and Reading Recovery

Kaeden Books are used in research-based, statistically valid, highly effective reading intervention.

Kaeden Books is one of the early U.S. publishers to publish books for the Reading Recovery® intervention. Our books have been used in the Reading Recovery® intervention since early 1991 when we published our first titles, Dressed Up Sammy, Looking for Halloween, Shopping at the Mall, and The Marching Band. We now have over 200 leveled books, many of which continue to be used in this highly successful intervention and are included in the Reading Recovery® Book List.

We are pleased to have many of our books included in the Reading Recovery® intervention approved book list since 1991.


This research has been confirmed by an independent review.
You can see the report at www.whatworks.ed.gov Select Beginning Reading, then select Reading Recovery®. To find out more about the Reading Recovery® intervention go to www.readingrecovery.org.