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3rd Grade Classroom Library

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1 each of 50 titles

Draw! M
Monkey or Ape? M
Moth or Butterfly? M
Out to Lunch M
Salamander or Lizard? M
Thor M
Achilles N
Adventure of the Dancing Men N
Adventure of the Speckled Band N
Adventure of the Three Students N
Barack Obama N
Book 1: Time and Space N
Daniela N
Don't Read This! N
Eat a Rainbow: Healthy Foods N
J.K. Rowling N
Kianna N
Let's Move in the Outdoors N
Loki N
Pony Express N
Titanic N
Adventure of the Copper Beeches O
Adventure of the Red-Headed League O
Get Moving with Friends and Family O
Hiking O
It Creeps! O
Moon O
Odin O
Sacagawea O
Skateboarding O
Substitutes O
Track the Turtle Lake Monster O
Walt Disney O
Yoga O
Adventure of the Norwood Builder P
Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist P
Amelia Earhart P
American Revolution P
California Gold Rush P
Celebrating Black History P
Cesar Chavez P
Eyes Of Every Shape and Size P
George Washington P
Ghost Light Burning P
Great Blunders P
Great Idea? P
Hercules P
Meet the Mothman P
Seeing the Stars P
Underground Railroad P
GR Level - M-P
ATOS Level - N/A
Intervention - N/A
Genre - Fiction & Nonfiction
Interest Level - Grades 2-4
Pages - Various