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Chapters Library Grade 2 - English/Spanish Pairs

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Featuring a variety of lovable characters and relatable stories, these chapter books will appeal to all readers.

1 each of 20 titles (10 English, 10 Spanish)

Ashley's Elephant J
ASB: The Pond Hockey Challenge K
ASB: The Red Flyer Roller Coaster K
Bumpy the Frog K
Crow Said No K
Ethel the Emu K
Miss Flutter Remembers K
Zamboni's Bath L
Zamboni's Goal L
Brewster Rooster M
El elefante de Ashley J
Las aventuras de Sophie Bean:
 El desafío del hockey sobre estanques
Las aventuras de Sophie Bean:
La montaña rusa del dragón rojo
La rana, Bumpy K
Cuervo dijo no K
Ethel, el emú K
El baño de Zamboni K
El gol de Zamboni L
El gallo Chayo L
Recuerdos de la señorita Alita M
GR Level - J-M
ATOS Level -
Intervention -
Genre - Fiction
Interest Level -
Pages - Various