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Kindergarten - 1st Grade Classroom Library

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1 each of 50 titles

Another Sneeze, Louise! E
Apples C
At The Park D
Baseball Fun E
Best Friends E
Bird Feeder, The D
Boots And Shoes D
Boys And Girls D
Bumble Bee, The E
Camping D
Colors Of Horses E
Dressed Up Sammy E
Family Soccer D
Field Day With Alex, A D
Fiesta D
Fishing D
Fun D
Fun At The Amusement Park G
Grocery Shopping D
I Love To Write! F
In My Garden D
Just Like Dad D
Just Like Mom D
Late One Night D
Let's Play Basketball E
Little Mouse E
Little Rabbit Is Sad D
Lunch F
My Brother Wants To Be Like Me D
My Doll E
My Magic Bike G
My Native American School F
My Tiger Cat E
Nickels And Pennies E
Package, The E
Peacock Gets a Job H
People Do Silly Things F
Sammy Gets A Bath C
Sammy's Moving F
Seagull And The Fish, The F
Sharing Homes E
Snake Hunts For Lunch E
Surprise For Mom, A G
Swat It! D
Thanksgiving F
Traffic Jam E
Tree House D
When It Rains F
When Sammy Was A Puppy E
William's Wet Week F
GR Level - C-H
ATOS Level -
Intervention -
Genre - Fiction/Nonfiction
Interest Level -
Pages - Various