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Bringing Women’s History Month Into the Classroom

Bringing Women’s History Month Into the Classroom

Bringing Women’s History Month Into the Classroom

Womens History Month Classroom Activities

March is Women’s History Month—a month designated to study, observe, and celebrate the contributions of women and their vital role in our country’s history.

How can you introduce Women’s History Month to your students?

Consider some of these ideas:

  1. Read engaging books about the inspiring lives of women. We have two collections—Women in STEM and Women Making a Difference—that spotlight great women from the past, such as Rosa Parks, and present, such as Malala Yousafzai.

  2. Create a classroom museum. Each student can research an inspiring woman in history and create their own display.

  3. Introduce children’s books illustrated by women. Pull books from your classroom library that were illustrated by women—such as Sophie Blackall, a Caldecott Medal winner—and talk about their different styles.

  4. Read aloud poems written by women. From Maya Angelou to Mary Oliver, there is no shortage of poets to choose from.

  5. Create a poster of women in history. Get students involved in selecting and coloring pictures and collaborate to create a bulletin board.

How will you be celebrating Women’s History Month in your classroom?

If we can assist you with selecting new titles for your classroom library this March, please let us know. We have a wide selection of fiction, nonfiction, and digital content available.

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