Our Favorite Character/Author Collections

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Our Favorite Character/Author Collections

Spark Students’ Interest—and Keep Them Reading

Who was your favorite children’s book character?

From a spider named Charlotte to a curious monkey named George, we all have characters we loved as kids. Our Character/Author Collections feature relatable fictional characters to spark students’ interest and keep them reading—and the benefits are numerous.

Fictional characters help students:

  • Understand others.
    Students begin learning how to see things from another person’s point of view.
  • Make connections.
    When students work to understand people’s feelings and thoughts in books, they can do the same with people in their lives.
  • Explore their identity.
    Connecting with characters helps students develop their own identities.
  • Learn empathy.
    Literary characters can enhance students’ feelings of empathy.

Introduce New Characters in Your Classroom

Start the new year with some new friends in your classroom! Introduce your students to the engaging characters in our favorite Character/Author Collections.

Sammy Collection
Grade Level: K-1

Carla Collection
Grade Level: K-1

Alex Collection
Grade Level: K-1

Abby and the Book Bunch Collection
Grade Level: 2


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