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TCRWP Collection

Building Literacy with Kaeden’s New TCRWP Collection

Building Literacy with Kaeden’s New TCRWP Collection

Kaeden Publishing was founded in 1991 on a singular focus: to help young readers build strong literacy skills. Nearly thirty years and over 500 titles later, our mission hasn’t changed. Driven by a similar mission, the dedicated team at Teachers College Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP) of Columbia University has developed a comprehensive literacy program that evaluates the student’s growth and informs instruction planning through detailed assessments. We’re delighted to partner with them to provide twenty-two Kaeden titles for TCRWP Running Record assessments in levels A-K.

TCRWP - Books Your Students Will Love

The titles in Kaeden’s TCRWP Collection feature lovable characters and relatable experiences. Readers will follow along as characters observe and interact with the world around them, grow and change, and figure out how to solve everyday challenges. Students will strengthen reading skills, build confidence, and develop a love of reading with these engaging books.
Meaningful Assessment with TCRWP Running Records Kaeden’s TCRWP Collection is divided into two subsets: eleven beginning-of-year titles and eleven end-of-year titles. The TCRWP Collection is complemented by expertly crafted Running Record assessments, developed by the amazing team from Columbia
University. The twenty-two Running Record forms (one per TCRWP book) provide a progressive, self-contained assessment resource for monitoring a student’s literacy skills. Carefully aligned with New York State learning standards in literacy, each TCRWP Running Record form includes:

● a book introduction
● the typed text of the book
● a checklist of level-appropriate reading characteristics
● a detailed scoring guide
● comprehension questions with sample responses
● space for the evaluator to record notes during the assessment

The TCRWP Collection and Running Record assessments enable educators to more effectively plan instruction and intervention. In addition to the Running Record forms, educators have access to the TCRWP Teacher Resource guidebook. This document provides detailed information about the assessments, how to effectively administer them, and how to use the data to guide future literacy instruction.

TCRWP - Evolving to Support Educators and Students

As the field of literacy instruction evolves, we continue to refine our content to meet the needs of educators and students. Guided by feedback from educators, we have worked diligently with the team from Columbia University to update our TCRWP Collection books and Running Record assessments. The revamped TCRWP Collection still features engaging characters and stories that young readers will love. Educators will appreciate the revised text, which is compassionate, accessible, and aligned with Common Core literacy standards.

Go Back to School with TCRWP

We are thrilled with the revised editions of these TCRWP books, and we are excited to offer them in two formats for your convenience. As always, the TCRWP Collection is available in paperback. It is now also available digitally through our exclusive ebook platform, which is accessible on any device and perfect for virtual learning. No matter what your school year will look like, the TCRWP Collection is available for you!


Click here to order the revised TCRWP Collection in paperback. Click here to access the ebook TCRWP Collection. For more information about the Running Record assessments and to access all forms and supporting documents, please visit www.readingandwritingproject.org.

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